R&D Funding


In 2019, 0,83 of GDP was spent on R&D in Slovakia.
54 % came from private sources, 45 % from public sources and 1% from other sources.
The system of R&D funding at a national level is governed by the Act No. 172/2005
on Organisation of State Support for Research and Development. Subsidies
for solving research tasks are granted to entitled applicants through grant
agencies (in particular the Slovak Research and Development Agency) and state
programmes for R&D support.

Since 2014, the Research and Innovation 
Strategy for Smart Specialisation of the
Slovak Republic for 2014–2020 is in force (RIS3 SK). Its overall goal is to contribute
to the strengthening of the key industry anchoring and to the diversification of the
economy by a strong increase of research, innovation and creativity usage. Other
aims and principles include strengthening of excellence and of internationalisation
of science and technology, research and development capacity building,
innovation capacity in economic practice building, and promoting a business
environment favourable for innovation and its internationalisation. The RIS3 SK
strategy also defines priorities of research and development to be funded in the
forthcoming years via national funding schemes but also via EU structural funds.

Research and Development priorities:
1. Material Research and Nanotechnology
2. Information and Communication Technologies
3. Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Technological priorities:
4. Industrial Technologies
5. Sustainable Energy
6. Environment and Agriculture

Social priorities:
7. Selected areas of social sciences
(with respect to the most pressing
problems of the Slovak society)