Research in Slovakia


The Slovak research environment can be characterised by describing its research-related legislation as well as by identifying Slovak research institutions where you could find a job or a collaboration.

Legislative framework of research and development in Slovakia


Legal and physical entities with offices in the Slovak Republic active in R&D are integrated into the following sectors: 


According to the Act on the State Support of Research & Development, a legal or natural person acquires a certificate of competence to carry out research and development upon its competence evaluation and thus is entitled to seek the funding from the state budget. The certificate is issued and withdrawn by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic upon a proposal of an evaluation committee.

The support service in innovative processes development in SMEs and technology transfer is provided by the Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) Bratislava. 

The database of R&D organisations and the full list of organisations approved to admit third country researchers (see more in the section Hosting agreement) is published at:

SK CRIS contains information on projects funded from public resources, the results thereof, register of research and development organisations, as well as researchers database. In the register of research and development organisations, it is possible to filter organisations that have been authorised to employ foreigners from the third countries, or that have the capacity to carry out research and development.