Slovak universities and research institutes are ready for hosting future MSCA/ERA postdoctoral fellows

Are you looking for an institution ready to host your research ideas and develop your career path within an upcoming call for the prestigious Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions - Postdoctoral fellowships? EURAXESS Slovakia staff at SAIA together with MSCA National Contact Point have compiled a brief brochure structured around scientific disciplines with a list of institution that have expressed their interest to support a preparation and submission of the joint application within this scheme.

Moreover, when applying for a MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme with an eligible institution from Slovakia, please note that the applications to all Slovak institutes are eligible to be considered also for the ERA Fellowships, a scheme that will fund proposals that failed to score highly enough to receive funding under the MSCA call. No extra effort needed, your MSCA application will be taken into account for both the MSCA and this ERA fellowship at the same time.. In addition, Slovakia is preparing its Seal of Excellence scheme in case the above-mentioned resources cannot be used due to lack of funding to provide you another chance for your bright and well assessed research proposal.

Updated Hosting offers for MSCA applications in Slovakia