New EURAXESS Slovakia publications 


In autumn 2018 we produced these updated publications for international researchers, university teachers and PhD students. All  of them were prepared with the financial support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.


International Researcher's Guide to Slovakia - EURAXESS SLOVAKIA - 12/2018

This booklet introduces Slovakia from the research perspective. Are you a PhD student, university teacher or a researcher looking for scholarships and funding in Slovakia?  What universities and research organisations are there in Slovakia? Are you interested, what is life in Slovakia like? You can find some helpful information and useful links therein. You will not be able to avoid some administrative duties. Here you can get better idea, what the general, but also specific regulations are with respect to visa, residence permit, employment, social security, health insurance, taxation, recognition of qualifications, and more.... Are you coming with family? No worries, some articles are devoted to relocation with spouses and children, too. Would you like to travel in Slovakia, or learn Slovak language? Explore the guide.


Entry, stay and employment of foreigners in Slovakia - guide to administrative duties - 09/2018

International researchers, university teachers and PhD students wishing to pursue their careers in Slovakia need not be anymore puzzled, what their duties are when they want to enter Slovakia and legaly reside here. Also employment conditions of various groups of internationals are tackled there. Several questions at the beginning of the brochure will help you navigate to the targeted information.