EURAXESS Hubs Idea Lab: From Pilot to Practice

Are you a BHO representative who wants to learn more about the outcomes of EURAXESS Hubs project to inform your network? Or a colleague working at the service centre interested in how to further develop your activities to support careers of researchers? If you answered yes, we woul like to invite you to the second EURAXESS Hubs Idea Lab.

EURAXESS Hubs Idea Lab is an online workshop organised to enable knowledge sharing from the EURAXESS network towards the piloted EURAXESS hubs and vice versa. The main aim of second edition of the Idea Lab is to provide all members of EURAXESS network with an opportunity to learn about what has been achieved in the EURAXESS Hubs project, discuss how they can use these outcomes in their work and share their feedback on what could be the next steps.

The three Hubs to be presented and discussed are: 

  • Talent management HUB: The hub focuses on assisting young talents – early-stage researchers in learning and mastering innovative -  skills for successful research careers. The hub also addresses support of female researchers and career opportunities for researchers in public sector.
  • Researcher careers beyond academia HUB: The hub focuses on bringing closer early career researchers with potential non-academic research employers in order to help researchers to become more aware about their professional options beyond academia.
  • Scientific start-up entrepreneurship HUB: The hub focuses on a novel service for providing signposting and personalized assistance services to researchers pursuing start-up entrepreneurship careers.
  • Coordinators of national EURAXESS networks
  • EURAXESS members with an interest in the topics covered by any of the three piloted EURAXESS Hubs



9.30 - 10.30

Introducing the outcomes of the three EURAXESS Hubs

Sibylle Hodel Guthrie, ETH Zürich, Switzerland │ Xavier Eekhout, FECYT, Spain│ Milan Zdravkovic, MEF, Serbia

10.30 - 11.00

Q&A and discussion

Moderated by Adam Molnar, BZN Hungary

11.00 - 11.15




11.15 - 12.00

Moderated discussion in groups

12.00 - 12.30


Registration form is available at EURAXESS Extranet (you need to be logged in to Extranet to open the link).

Event is open to any interested EURAXESS member. In case you wish to participate, contact your BHO organisation to register you.