Changes in the student and research migration policies as of May 2018


On 1 May 2018, a new regulation will enter into force, bringing changes into the conditions of lawful residence of third country nationals in Slovakia for selected groups, students and researchers being among them. 


Renewal of the temporary residence for the purpose of job seeking

University students who successfully complete their university studies in Slovakia and researchers who conduct their research here will have the opportunity to get their permits renewed for a period of additional 9 months in order to search for a job or start a business.

Students will have to submit a copy of their diploma obtained during their previous residence or a confirmation of the completion of their studies shouldn't the diploma be issued yet. Researchers will be required to submit a confirmation of the completion of their research activity when applying for the renewal.


Intra-EU mobility

It will become easier for students and researchers from outside EU who are currently residing in another EU Member State to move to Slovakia for up to one year.


Students residing in another EU country for the purpose of studies will be able to come to Slovakia as exchange students without the need to apply for a Slovak residence permit if

  • they are participating in an EU programme (such as Erasmus+), a governmental programme (such as the National Scholarship Programme), a multilateral mobility programme (such as the CEEPUS) or a programme created upon agreement among universities,
  • and the hosting university notifies the Ministry of Interior of the intention to host such an exchange student.


Researchers who are holders of a scientific residence permit in one of the EU countries will be able to conduct a part of their research in Slovakia without an additional Slovak permit given the hosting research institution notifies the Ministry of Interior its intention to host such a researcher.

Family members of researchers

Family members residing in the EU with researchers will also be allowed to accompany them during their research mobility to Slovakia without being obliged to apply for a new permit provided that their mobility is also notified by the host research institution.


Proof of integrity

Declaring integrity by providing a criminal record certificate not only from their country of origin but also from every country where they resided for more than 90 days in six consecutive months during last three years has always been a huge administrative burden especially for researchers who tend to be more "mobile" that the rest of the population. Obtaining such a certificate is often only possible if the person concerned applies for it in person in the given country what can result in an enormous financial burden. 

The novelty of the new regulation is that the researchers will only have to provide their criminal record certification from the country where they resided for the longest period in the last ten years.


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