The tax system in Slovakia


The tax system faced a fundamental redesign with having a progress tax system introduced as of 2013.

Direct taxes 

  • Income tax 
    • private individuals: 19% of the tax base NOT exceeding 176.8 times the current amount of subsistence minimum; 25% of the tax base exceeding 176.8 times the current amount of subsistence minimum 
    • legal entities: 22 % of the tax base net of tax loss
  • Motor vehicle tax
  • Local tax (paid directly to municipal authorities)


 Indirect taxes 

  • Value added tax (VAT): 20 % (10 % rate is applied in case of goods specified in the Act on the Value Added Tax, e.g. meat, fish, milk, bread, antibiotics, books, certain vegetables and fruit grown in Slovakia etc.)

  • Excise tax (e.g. on alcohol, tobacco, mineral oil)


The Slovak tax authority is called the Finance Directorate of the Slovak Republic and it has a network of 8 regional tax offices with 81 local branches. 

For up‑to‑date information, you can also visit the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.