Social security for students (including PhD students)


Fulltime PhD students are considered to be students, not employees; hence a university is not in the position of an employer in connection with the social and health insurance of the PhD students.

Levies into social insurance funds are not compulsory for students/doctoral students, although they may opt for voluntary insurance of defined percentage rates from the assessment basis of their choice. Then if needed and upon fulfilling stated conditions, they may receive social security benefits.

In case a labour relationship exists with a student, the work is carried out occasionally and is typically based on the concluded Agreement on a part-time job of students. An employer is obliged to register the employee, i.e. the student, at the competent office of the Social Insurance Agency. Social contributions are paid both by the employee and the employer and are deducted automatically as per below table by the employer as a percentage of the basis of assessment, which is usually the gross wage. Students have a right for a waiver of social insurance premiums (pension and disability insurance), however they need to inform the employer in writing about exercising this right and file a statement of exercising this right with one employer only.

chart of social security contributions for students in Slovakia

Benefits from state social support - one component of the social security system in Slovakia, may be used by foreign nationals with a permanent or temporary residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic upon meeting specific conditions for entitlement.


Which of the social security and health insurance benefits are students in general entitled to?