Get your Slovak Criminal Record Certificate


When starting your new position in Slovakia, your employer may ask you to provide him with your Slovak Criminal Record Certificate. You can either get the certificate on your own or authorise another person (with the power of attorney) to get it for you.

You can request your certificate at the following places: 

  • Office of the Attorney General (Kvetná 13, Bratislava)
  • municipalities with the registration offices
  • post offices that act as citizen service points, the so-called "IOMO" (find the one nearest to you HERE)
  • representative offices of Slovakia abroad.


When requesting the certificate, you need to present the following:

  • a valid travel document (passport), and
  • a birth certificate officially translated to Slovak.


Please note that the Slovak legislation prohibits the use of copies of the requested documents (even the certified ones) for this purpose. It means you are obliged to present an original of your birth certificate, so keep it in mind when preparing for your rellocation.