Maternity leave, Family care

In connection with the childbirth and care for a newborn child, women are entitled to a maternity leave lasting 34 weeks.

If a mother is a single parent, she is entitled to a maternity leave of 37 weeks.

If a woman gives birth to two or more children at the same time, she is entitled to a maternity leave of 43 weeks.


The beginning of the maternity leave is set by the attending physician, usually 6 weeks before the expected date of the childbirth (8 weeks prior to the childbirth at the earliest). In connection with the care for a newborn child, men are also entitled to a paternity leave of the same length from the date of birth of the child of whom they take care.

Maternity benefit is provided per days in the amount of 75% of the daily assessment basis. The entitlement of the pregnant insured woman or of the insured woman taking care of a new born child is awarded provided that the person concerned has been insured at least 270 days within the period of two years prior to the confinement.

For optaining the maternity benefit, you must submit a completed application at the Social Insurance Agency (branch office according to the place of your residence). The application form will be provided and certified by your gynaecologist; if you are employed, the application must also be certified by your employer.


Useful tips are to be found in the leaflet Not to forget when you give a birth to a child in Slovakia by IOM


For the purposes of extended care of children, employers are obliged to grant women and men, who so request, a parental leave until the day the child turns three years old (it can be requested at any time up to the age of 3, even if a mother/father has been working after the maternity/paternity leave). In case of children with long‑term poor health requiring special care, employers are obliged to grant women and men, who so request, a parental leave until the day the child turns six years old. Such leave is granted for the duration requested by the parent, but generally for at least one month. Maternity leave granted in connection with the birth must not be shorter than 14 weeks and may not be terminated or interrupted before the lapse of 6 weeks from the date of the birth.


An employer must excuse the employee’s absence from work on the grounds of temporary incapacity to work due to the illness or injury, periods of maternity and parental leave, quarantine, attending to a sick family member or caring for a child younger than 10 years of age who for important reasons, cannot be left in a childcare establishment or school that the child normally attends, or in case of medical examination or quarantine of the person who otherwise takes care of the child. An employer shall provide an employee with the time off from work for the purpose of his/her medical examination for 7 working days per calendar year as well as for the purpose of accompanying their family members to the medical examination for another 7 days. Such days off are remunerated. Extra remunerated time off is provided to a pregnant woman in relation to the preventive medical examination related to her pregnancy. Special family circumstances such as attending a funeral of defined family members or attending one’s own marriage or marriage of their children or parents or the birth of a child constitute reasons for awarding time off from work (which might or might not be remunerated based on exact stipulations of the law).

A person – parent shall become entitled to the following state social benefits at birth of a child/children:


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