Confirmation of the possibility to fill a vacant position in case of an employment requiring higher qualification (EU Blue Card)


In the case of an employment requiring higher qualification, the third‑country national can apply for a form of a temporary residence called EU Blue Card. Required qualification needs to be attested by the evidence of the third‑country national’s higher education.

An employment contract concluded in this situation (or an employer’s written promise to employ the third country national to such an employment) must stipulate a commitment to employ a foreigner for a period of at least one year from the date of the Blue Card issuance, while the agreed salary must be at least 1.5 times the average monthly salary in the economy of the Slovak Republic in the relevant sector as published by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic for the calendar year preceding the calendar year in which the application for a Blue card was filed.

Employer’s duties: Employer willing to employ a third country national for an employment requiring higher qualification is obliged to report a vacancy to the labour office competent according to the place of work, at least 30 working days before the application of the third country national for a temporary residence. A vacancy can be reported in person, in writing, by email or via the ISTP website.

Third country national’s duties: An application for a Blue Card (i.e. an application for a temporary residence) must be submitted in person at the Slovak embassy/consulate competent for your country abroad, or at a foreign police office in Slovakia, 30 working days after reporting a vacancy by the employer at the earliest. A holder of a Blue Card issued by another EU Member State may apply for a Blue Card within 30 days of entry into the territory of the Slovak Republic.

More information on the procedure related to the temporary residence issued in a form of a Blue Card can be found in the section Temporary residence for the purpose of employment requiring higher qualification - Blue Card of the EU.