Employment of the EU/EEA/Swiss nationals


EU/EEA/Swiss nationals and their family members can be employed on the territory of the Slovak Republic under the same terms as Slovak nationals. An applicant has to meet employer's requirements, e.g., required education, language skills, required work experience etc.

In practice, this means that the EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are not required to apply for a work permit if they want to work legally in Slovakia.

For information related to all mobile workers from EU/EEA/Switzerland, you can also consult the website of EURES (information network to facilitate mobility of workers within the countries of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association) and its Slovak branch.

According to the regulation of the Council (EEC) No. 311/76 on compilation of foreign workers statistics, the Slovak Republic as well as other member states, is obliged to monitor the movement of workers within the Union. In the Slovak Republic, the monitoring of labour mobility is carried out on the basis of an information card for the purpose of statistical records.


Information cards

The employer fulfils the obligation to notify foreign employees by means of an Information card on commencement/termination of labour relation or secondment/termination of secondment of the EU/EEA/Swiss citizen or his/her family member to the territory of the Slovak Republic. Such Information card must be submitted to the local Labour Office for each EU/EEA/Swiss employee within 7 working days after the EU/EEA/Swiss employee started working.

Non‑observance of this obligation is considered to be a breach of the legal regulations related to employment.

Employment relations in Slovakia are regulated by the Labour Code and the Act on Employment Services