Mandatory public health insurance


Holders of the mandatory public health insurance are entitled to the health care provision and all related services in compliance with the Act on Health Insurance. Public health insurance covers benefits in full or to a partial extent, depending on specific conditions.

According to the Act on Health Insurance, compulsory public health insurance applies to every person with a permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic. 

Mandatory public health insurance does not apply to an individual with permanent residence in Slovakia if they

  • are employed abroad and covered by the health insurance in the country of employment;
  • perform a self‑employment activity abroad and are covered by the health insurance abroad;
  • are staying abroad for a long‑term (more than 6 months) and are covered by health insurance in that country;
  • is a dependant of a person who is a subject to foreign health insurance legislation


Mandatory public health insurance also applies to a person without a permanent residence in Slovakia (unless medically insured in another EU Member State or in a State Party to the European Economic Area Agreement and in the Swiss Confederation (hereinafter a Member State)), which

  • is employed by an employer established or with premises in Slovakia (not if he/she performs activities in Slovakia upon an agreement on work performed outside the employment relationship) and receives a monthly salary in the amount of at least the minimum wage (in 2020 it is 580 €), or
  • is a student from another Member State or a student from a third country studying at school in the Slovak Republic upon an international treaty binding upon Slovakia
  • is a dependent child with a temporary residence in Slovakia whose at least one parents is covered by public health insurance, too.


The compulsory public health insurance coverage begins on the date of occurrence of the facts set out above, or the date of obtaining a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic. Within eight days of this date, the person is required to submit an application for public health insurance in a health insurance company.


There are currently 3 health insurance companies providing public health insurance in Slovakia: