Health insurance for researchers without an employment contract


Researchers and teachers without an employment contract in Slovakia are usually not considered to be unemployed, but as individuals having an employment contract or self‑employment activities in another state. At the same time, they may move to Slovakia upon an invitation from a hosting organisation (e. g. per diems are paid) or with external funding (e. g. granted scholarship) of their activities.

Health insurance is mandatory when staying in Slovakia. Before leaving your country of origin, make sure to be covered by your current health insurance also on the territory of Slovakia, or take out new insurance before or after arrival in Slovakia. Third country nationals (outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland) are obliged to provide the foreign police in Slovakia with a proof of concluded health insurance with regard to the duties related to the temporary residence granting procedure.

Nationals of the EU/EEA Members States or Switzerland who are insured in their home country shall present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to the health care provider for entitlement to the medical treatment in Slovakia.

Commercial health insurance is compulsory for everyone who does not fall within the scope of the public health insurance. This concerns researchers who are not employed/self‑employed (they perform activities e.g. upon awarded scholarship) on the territory of the Slovak Republic, do not have a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic and do not study upon an international agreement binding upon the Slovak Republic.