Health insurance for employees with regular or irregular income


Any foreign person employed upon a work contract or a self‑employed person performing activities in Slovakia is subject to mandatory public health insurance in the Slovak Republic. The contributions are paid both by the employee and the employer (or self‑employed person) and deducted automatically by the employer. In general, the employee pays the contributions in the amount of 4% of the basis of assessment (usually equal to the gross wage) and the employer in the amount of 10%.

A person insured in another EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland must present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to the health care provider in order to prove his/her entitlement to the medical treatment on the basis of this health insurance.

If the person does not fall within the scope of the public health insurance (for instance in the period between the entry into Slovakia and the beginning of employment), commercial health insurance is compulsory. A third country national is obliged to provide the foreign police in Slovakia with a proof of a concluded health insurance in compliance with the duties related to the temporary residence granting procedure.