Individual (commercial) health insurance 


With an individual health insurance you are entitled to the health care services stipulated in the agreement with the Health Insurance Provider. Commercial health insurance is provided in compliance with the Civil Code. The scope of the health services is stipulated individually either as basic health care available to foreigners who don't have access to the public health insurance, as a supplementary insurance (beyond a standard health care) or as a combination of both pf them.

Commercial health insurance is compulsory for those foreign residents who do not fall within the scope of the public health insurance.

This concerns:

  • researchers who are not employed and perform activities upon a grant or fellowship, and
  • students who are not EU/EEA/Swiss nationals, do not have permanent residency in the Slovak Republic, and do not study upon an international agreement binding upon the Slovak Republic.



  • A proof of health insurance is required also as a part of a temporary residence granting procedure.


Commercial health insurance can be obtained from any provider, not necessarily a Slovak one. In case it is obtained from a foreign insurance provider, the contract must stipulate its coverage on the territory of the Slovak Republic and it must be translated into Slovak language by an official sworn translator.

Information about commercial insurance companies in Slovakia is available on the Insurance agencies portal.