Health insurance


The health insurance is not included in the social insurance system in Slovakia. The health care falls under the competence of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

Having health insurance in Slovakia is obligatory and a proof of health insurance is required also as a part of a temporary residence granting procedure. Before leaving your country of origin, make sure to be covered by your current health insurance also in Slovakia, or take out new insurance before or after arrival in Slovakia. Particular procedures apply depending on your personal situation, the length of your stay and the terms of your current health insurance. You will either continue to be covered by the health insurance of your home country, or fall under the regime of the Slovak Republic. In both cases, it will be necessary to make specific arrangements for the continued health coverage.

It is not possible to choose a country of your health coverage.

Which country is responsible for your healthcare depends on the employment situation or the place of residence, not the nationality. 


Major applicable legislation:

  • Act No 580/2004 on Health insurance

  • Act No 577/2004 on the Scope of health care provided by the public health insurance.


There are two types of health insurance in Slovakia:

Mandatory public health insurance - read more to find out if you fall under the scope of the compulsory public health insurance.

Individual (commercial) health insurance - is compulsory for everyone, who does not fall under the scope of the public health insurance.


Provisions on health insurance according to your status

Health insurance of students/PhD students

Health insurance of employees with a regular or irregular income

Health insurance of researchers/university teachers without an employment contract

Health insurance of dependent children 


Other information regarding health insurance

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