After-school activities and Au-pair service


After-school activities

Primary and secondary school classes are usually held from 8:00 to 13:30. Pupils of the first stage of primary schools can spend their free time after classes in special school establishments ("družina"). Their activities are aimed at developing pupils' talents, preparing for lessons on the next day and organising sports activities in general. 

Students can attend after school clubs run by schools themselves, devoted to various fields of interest, e.g. science, ecology, drama classes, music, sport, photography, etc. Main enrolment/registration days for a particular after school activity/programme are usually held in September. For further information contact a chosen school.

Apart from that, students can also attend language classes specially designed for their age and interests, leisure and hobby centres, or primary schools of art. (When looking for primary schools of art search for the term "základná umelecká škola" ("ZUŠ") in a standard search engine).

There are so‑called centres of free time ("Centrá voľného času" – CVČ) in all the regions of Slovakia. For more information please use again the standard search engine.

Many children and youth organisations providing after‑school activities are associated with the Youth Council of Slovakia


Au‑pair service

If you need to babysit your child, you can use the services of one of the many agencies which arrange babysitting for a fee (for both healthy or sick children, whole day or just an afternoon babysitting – with the possibility of being prepared for classes or accompanied to children's clubs, after‑school activities, babysitting in the evenings and on weekends, etc.).

A babysitting charge depends on a type of babysitting (regular, occasional, in a school facility or in the household), on a length of babysitting (short‑time or long‑time babysitting), as well as on a number of children. The price is 3 – 10 € per hour.

For further information, contact particular agencies or consult their websites. A majority of agencies can also provide a babysitter who can speak a foreign language (usually English, German or French).

For a few examples of these, see e.g.: (in English); (in Slovak only)