Duties after arrival in Slovakia


Besides duties connected with visa and temporary residence, each third country national is obliged to report his/her stay to the foreign police within 3 working days since his/her arrival in Slovakia. This is usually done by the accommodation provider if you are staying in a hotel, hostel or dormitory. If you are staying in private accommodation (e.g. in a private rented flat or at a friends’ place), you have to submit the Notice of the stay in person directly at the competent foreign police office.


What do you need for the report of stay?

If you are staying in private accommodation, come in person to the foreign police office during the office hours and present the following:

  • completed form “Notice of the stay” (available in 7 languages to download but must be completed in Slovak),

  • valid passport


Report changes

A third country  national staying in Slovakia is obliged to report any change regarding his/her place of residence within five working days from the day when the change occurred.

If you have been granted a temporary residence, you are also obliged to report to the police department that:

  • you will reside outside the Slovak territory for more than 180 days continuously (in writing)

  • you will stay away from the place of residence stated in the granted temporary residence for more than 30 days continuously

  • the purpose of stay, for which the temporary residence was granted has ceased to exist