Staying in Slovakia for more than 3 months


If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss national that intends to stay in Slovakia for longer than 3 months, you need to to submit the notice of stay to the foreign police office within 10 working days after your arrival to Slovakia. This is usually made by the accommodation provider if you are accommodated in a hotel, hostel or dormitory. After that you can stay in Slovakia without any further obligations for up to three months from the entry into the Slovak Republic. Once this period of three months is over, you need to apply for the registration of residence in Slovakia within next 30 days


What do you need for the report the beginning of your stay? 

If you are accommodated in private accommodation (e.g. in a private rented apartment or at a friends' place), you need to  submit the Notice of  the stay at the competent foreign police office (either in person or via a registered postal service). The form is available in 6 languages; however, must be completed in the Slovak language.


Find the competent foreign police office



To register the residence of an EU/EEA/Swiss national you need:

Come in person to the foreign police office during the office hours and present the following:

  • completed form "Application for registration of right of residence of Union Citizen" (must be completed in the Slovak language),
  • valid ID/passport,
  • a document proving the purpose of your stay in Slovakia and/or sufficient financial resources:
    • in the case of employment in the territory of the Slovak Republic – an employment confirmation or a commitment of the employer,
    • a document proving you dispose of sufficient resources for you and your family members not to become a burden on the social assistance system of the Slovak Republic and a certificate of health insurance in Slovakia or a certificate of insurance reimbursement for medical expenses in the territory of the Slovak Republic,
    • in the case of study in Slovakia – a confirmation of study or an admission letter to a school in Slovakia and a statutory declaration of sufficient financial resources,
    • in case you assume to be employed in Slovakia – a statutory declaration on a continuing search for a job in Slovakia and a proof of medical insurance,
    • in case you are a family member of an EU citizen, you will accompany or join - a certificate of registration of the EU citizen, and a birth or marriage certificate, or a proof of your permanent relationship.



If you are interested in obtaining a Residence card of an EU citizen, you are need to submit the following:

  • two recent photographs (3 x 3,5 cm),
  • document in Slovak proving provision of accommodation (e.g a confirmation from your accommodation provider or a rental agreement with officially notarized signatures).


Fee: 4.50 EUR for the issue of an EU national residence card