Staying in Slovakia for less than 3 months


If an EU/EEA/Swiss national intends to stay in Slovakia for less than 3 months, he/she is only obliged to submit the notice of stay to the foreign police office within 10 working days since his/her arrival to Slovakia. This is usually made by the accommodation provider if the person stays in a hotel, hostel or dormitory.

If accommodated in private accommodation (e.g. in a private rented flat or at a friends' place), the EU/EEA/Swiss national is obliged to submit the notice of stay in person directly at the competent foreign police office.


Find the nearest foreign police office (in Slovak language only)


What do you need for the report the beginning of your stay?

If you are staying in private accommodation, you need to submit the following form to the foreign police office:

  • "Notice of the stay(available in 6 languages; however, must be completed in the Slovak language and signed; the forms are also available at local foreign police offices)