Slovakia in brief



  • Official name: the Slovak Republic
  • Capital: Bratislava (427,743 inhabitants)
  • Population: 5.4 million (out of them 51.2 % women)
  • Currency: euro (since 1 January 2009)
  • Date of establishment: 1 January 1993 (after the separation of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic)
  • Political system: parliamentary democracy
  • Administrative organisation: 8 higher territorial units, 8 regions, 79 districts, 2,927 municipalities out of which are 140 cities and towns. Regional capitals: Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Trenčín, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Prešov, Košice
  • Official language: Slovak
  • Neighbouring countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine
  • Area: 49,035 km2
  • Density of population: 110.9/km2



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