Slovakia is by tradition a religious country; the first Christian bishopric was established in the 9th century in Nitra. At present, several legal norms regulate the freedom of conscience and religion and provide a guarantee for general respect of these fundamental human rights and freedoms. According to the Slovak Constitution, "Freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief will be guaranteed. This right will include the right to change religion or belief".


Religious Services

There are services available in foreign languages (mainly in  English, German and Hungarian) all over the country (for more information, please, consult your church).

For Bratislava, some information on church service in English is available here.


List of registered Churches

  • Apostolic Church in Slovakia
  • Bahá'í Community in the Slovak Republic
  • Baptist Union in the Slovak Republic
  • Brethren Church in the Slovak Republic
  • Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in the Slovak Republic
  • Christian Corps in Slovakia
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints in the Slovak Republic
  • Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Slovakia
  • Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Slovakia
  • Greek (Byzantine) Catholic Church in the Slovak Republic
  • New Apostolic Church in the Slovak Republic
  • Old Catholic Church in Slovakia
  • Orthodox Church in Slovakia
  • Reformed Christian Church in Slovakia
  • Religious Society of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Slovak Republic
  • Roman Catholic Church in the Slovak Republic
  • Seventh‑day Adventists Church, Slovak Association
  • United Methodist Church, Slovak District