Other services


Car rental

In Slovakia, there are many car rental companies. Prices depend on the period over which the car is rented and the type of the car.

Contact phone numbers are available on the website of the Yellow Pages, (type "Autopožičovňa" to the search line) the Greenpages, (section "Car Rental").


Laundry and dry cleaning service

There are several launderettes in Slovakia (e.g. www.cent.sk, in Slovak only; www.pramako.sk, in Slovak only; www.flipperwash.sk). You can use home laundry facilities or commercial laundries that wash and iron clothing and linen for their clients. There are many dry cleaning services or even fast dry cleaners (almost in every shopping centre). Some of them also provide leather/suede/fur cleaning and dyeing.


Veterinary care

list of veterinarians in Slovakia can be found at here. The services of a veterinarian must be paid for in full at the point of use.