Mobile telephone services


Mobile phone operators in Slovakia

In Slovakia, there are three mobile GSM networks run by their mobile operators Orange, Slovak Telekom and Telefónica O2. There are also prepaid services provided by several branded operators, e.g. Tesco mobile and Funfón whose services are sold under their own brands.

Mobile 2G networks operate at frequencies of 900 and 1,800 MHz. The Networks 3G use 1,900/2,100 MHz. GSM networks of all the three operators are available almost in all cities and villages in Slovakia. Unless you intend to travel to extremely remote areas, you shouldn't have any problems with the mobile signal.

Orange Slovakia has been active on the Slovak mobile phone market since March 2002. It provides services at frequencies of 900 MHz and 1,800 MHz. Currently, they also provide an optical connection to the Internet, digital television and fixed telephone line.  

Slovak Telekom is a holding company for Deutsche Telekom AG's various mobile communications subsidiaries outside Germany. It provides its services in Slovakia since July 2007. It operates in four networks – the GSM network (in the 900 and 1,800 MHz bands), a public data network VDS, analogue NMT network and 3G UMTS network. 

Telefónica O2 Slovakia provides mobile telephone and mobile data transmission based on GSM and UMTS. They launched their commercial operations with GSM in February 2007; the UMTS network started running from 7th of September 2007.  


International country code of Slovakia: +421

International form of a Slovak mobile phone number: +421 9YY XXX XXX


Prepaid mobile cards

(Easy Pecka, O2 Fér, Funfón Štart, Tesco mobile, Prima Orange, 4ka, Juro)

The easiest way to start using mobile telephone services in Slovakia is to buy a prepaid SIM card. For its purchase, Slovak legislation requires verification of personal data. Therefore cards are not sold as freely as in some other countries.

Sellers will you for your passport or identity card if you are an EU citizen, or a temporary residence card in Slovakia, on the basis of which they will verify your identity. The minimum age limit for buying a SIM card is 15.


Credit charging

It is possible to buy scratch prepaid mobile coupons in newspaper stands, in post offices, petrol stations and many other places. The credit is charged according to given instructions. The places where the coupons are sold tend to be marked by a flag with a logo of the operator. It is necessary to ask the seller for “kredit” (credit) and say the name of the operator, from which you want to buy a card. It is also possible to charge credit at the ATMs, which support also smaller prices of charging. However, be careful with the charges of your bank for these operations abroad.

Credit can be charged also in selling places – in mobile operators stores. You can pay by cash or a credit card. It is also possible to charge the credit also in POS terminals in different chain stores, for example, at petrol stations, in grocery shop Coop Jednota, at the Slovak post and many others. Charging of credit is supported also by branch offices of national lottery Tipos.


Online charging (only in Slovak)

Easy Pecka (Slovak Telekom)

O2 Fér

Funfón Štart

Tesco mobile

Prima Orange

4ka (Swan mobile)