FAQ Social Security and Health Insurance



How does the social security system work in Slovakia?

The Social security coverage is based on your occupational activity, not the residence. Health insurance in Slovakia is not included in the scope of social insurance.

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Am I eligible for social security benefits in Slovakia?

The provisions of social security for migrant workers differ when you move within the EU/EEA/Switzerland or from the third countries.

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Is my spouse eligible for social security benefits in Slovakia?

Usually benefits from state social support are based on the condition of permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia.

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Do I need to be health insured during my stay in Slovakia?

Yes. Having health insurance is obligatory and a proof of health insurance is required also as a part of residence permit granting procedure. Before leaving their countries of origin, foreigners must make sure to be covered by their current health insurance also on the territory of Slovakia, or take out new insurance before or after arrival in Slovakia. Particular procedures apply depending on their personal situation, the length of stay and the terms of their current health insurance.

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Where can I find a medical specialist?

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