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What research organisations are there in Slovakia?

Legal and physical entities with offices in the Slovak Republic active in R&D are integrated in the following sectors: the higher education sector, the state sector, the private sector and the non‑profit sector.

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Where can I look for a research grant, fellowship or job in Slovakia?

You can use the database of Grants and Scholarships in Slovakia, administrated by SAIA, n. o. (Slovak Academic Information Agency).

Search also through the EURAXESS Jobs section providing access to existing international, European, national, regional and sectoral websites, that provide information about research job vacancies published by the different actors of the research community (universities, industries, research organisations, foundations...).


Where can I look for an employment in Slovakia?

Information on job vacancies is available on the internet, in daily newspapers, advertisement newspapers, regional and local newspapers. As a researcher don´t forget to look at the EURAXESS Jobs portal with research opportunities.

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Where can my spouse look for a job?

Information on job vacancies is available on the internet, in daily newspapers, advertisement newspapers, regional and local newspapers.

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Can I be employed in Slovakia as an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen?

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals and their family members can be employed on the territory of the Slovak Republic on the same terms as Slovak nationals, they are not required to apply for a work permit if they want to work legally in Slovakia.

Read more information on the employment of EU/EEA/Swiss nationals.


Do I need a work permit as a third country citizen? When is work permit not required?

Since January 2014 new forms of third country citizens’ employment in the territory of the SR have been introduced. Different groups of foreigners can be employed with a confirmation of the possibility of filling a vacancy, with a work permit, or whe these two documents are not required.

Read more information on the obligation to have a confirmation of the possibility of filling a vacancy and the work permit, how to obtain it, when it is not required and the possible easier conditions for the employment in Slovakia.


Where can I get my official documents translated?

Your official documents may be translated by a sworn translator in Slovakia or a Slovak embassy consular department. You need to contact the territorially competent Slovak embassy /consulate general in order to receive a detailed on the possibility of getting a document translated.

Read more information and find a contact.


Can I work as a student/PhD student?

Yes. In case you are working during the study for the maximum of 20 hours per week, you don´t need a work permit. PhD students are not considered as employees; hence a university is not in the position of their employer in connection with the social and health insurance. In case a labour relationship exists with a student, the work is carried out occasionally and is typically based on the concluded Contract for part-time work of students.

Read more information on the special status of PhD students.