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How can I open a bank account?

You will need to meet several conditions and provide information, which varies across banks. You need to provide one or two identification documents, while one of them must include a photo and the residence address. You may be asked for information about the correspondence address and in some banks for your residence permit. An application form may be requested to be filled in. Deposit of a minimum balance might be required as well as a certificate of tax payer´s residence. The opening of the account is for free.

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Is my driving licence valid in Slovakia?

A driving licence issued in another EU/EEA country authorises the holder to drive motor vehicles of the categories indicated in it when in the Slovak Republic, regardless of the type of stay in the country. In case a foreign national is residing permanently in another country that has signed the Geneva or Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (done in 1968 and in 1949), he/she may only drive a motor vehicle in Slovakia if being holder of a driving licence issued by the country of residence together with a valid international driving licence.

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Where can I look for an accommodation?

You may ask your future employer or host organisation to provide you with accommodation. If your future employer cannot provide you with accommodation, ask them for other possibilities or recommendations. You can find an accommodation yourself, too – properties for rent are advertised in specialised advertising publications, daily newspapers, regional press and on the internet.

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What are the options of schools and kindergarten for my children?

You can look for preschool education facilities or au-pair service.

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Where can I learn the Slovak language?

To familiarise yourself with the Slovak language, you can attend language courses at some universitites, research institutions, private language schools, or even use a free on-line portal offering language courses for foreignes.

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What is the education system in Slovakia?

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What activities can I do in my free time?

There are many options how to spend free time in Slovakia. You can explore the gastronomy, Slovak nature and history, go to cinema, theatre or to a music concert, attend a language course of Slovak language or do some sports.


Where can I find a library?

You have many possibilities to find a library in Slovakia, altogether there is 1 National Library, 8 scientific libraries, 33 academic libraries, 2,598 public libraries, 357 special libraries and 4,554 school libraries.

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