REFLEX app: Develop tailor-made solutions for career development of your researchers.


Reflex app is a flexible tool providing research institutions with a simple framework for developing career development strategies fitting their needs and resources.

The REFLEX App is based on the methodology developed in the REFLEX project. The methodology focuses on five key areas of researchers’ professional development (mobility, networking, career advice, academic skills & development and company and organisational development) and provides examples of activities that can be carried out to support researchers in all of these areas.

The REFLEX App enables:

  • Collaborative mapping of existing services: Every sustainable strategy should be based on the thorough mapping and analysis of the existing activities. The REFLEX app provides the framework for such mapping process. The editable version of the scheme can be shared with other collaborators who can contribute with the information about the activities carried out across the institution.
  • Development of a tailor-made institutional CD strategy: The tool enables adaptation of the scheme to the specific needs of the particular research institution. Predefined sub-modules can be updated, reorganised or removed and new sub-modules can be added if necessary.
  • Increasing the visibility of existing services through the single presentation platform. The preview version of collected information can be shared with researchers and other external users.

Find more about the REFLEX app here or watch a video.