CARLiS – Careers in Life Sciences 

Life sciences are one of the fastest growing industries. European and regional policies aimed at targeted cooperation between academia and the private sector enable businesses to access the vast knowledge resources of the university and also helps to embed university expertise within the private sector. This type of cooperation makes it possible to stimulate the development of the career skills needed for entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. The aim of the CARLiS project is to understand the educational requirements necessary for success in the Life Sciences sector labour market, to develop educational tools and capacities at universities and research institutions in the Bratislava - Vienna region, and to ensure that the experience gained during this project can be transferable to other scientific disciplines and procedures replicable in other institutions.

To achieve this goal, the project set out to explore the full range of job opportunities for life sciences researchers in a selected region and to understand the gaps between the skills of doctoral students and the skills required by employers of companies operating in the region. The next step will be to create, test and implement a comprehensive training program aimed at preparing doctoral students for non-academic career paths in the field of life sciences. By supporting inter-sectoral mobility as a possible career alternative for doctoral graduates, the project will contribute to a better circulation of knowledge and technology transfer in the life sciences sector in the Bratislava-Vienna region and to the prevention of brain drain from this region. By connecting research talents and companies that build their own research capacities, the project can help increase the innovation capacity and output of the private sector, especially SMEs. In this way, the project can lead to more innovation and generate further economic growth. The CARLiS project, funded by the Interreg V-A Slovak Republic - Austria project, is implemented by the SAIA, n.o. (Slovak Academic Information Agency) in cooperation with Comenius University in Bratislava, the Slovak Technical University, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the University of Vienna. Three of the project partners are part of the EURAXESS network.

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